Zoran Cicvara (Croatia)

Martial arts promoter of the year

Licensed trainer of the Croatian Kickboxing Association and the Croatian Boxing Association.

Since 2002, President of Kickboxing Club Tigar, and currently a member of the Board of Directors
Karlovac Sports Association, and a member of the Assembly of the Karlovac Sports Association and the Sports Association
Karlovac County.
From 2012 to 2017, held the position of Secretary General of the Croatian
Kickboxing Federation, while since 2017 he has been the national team's coach for the tatami discipline
Croatian Kickboxing Association and member of the professional staff of the Croatian Kickboxing Association.
So far, he has created 5 individual World Champions in kickboxing and ITF Taekwondo and 3 European
champions in all ages, in the disciplines Point Fighting and Light Contact, and the team of World Champions in
team fights in 2008 at the World Championship.Zoran Cicvara