Josip Čikotić (Croatia)

Josip Čikotić
 Outstanding contributions in the Martial Arts

1969-1989 Co-founder, competitor and coach of the Karate Jeet Kune Do club Shipbuilder Split
• Long-time multiple champion of the former state in the super heavyweight category, Karate Jeet discipline
Kune Do (today the discipline of kickboxing)
• Multiple medal winner at various international competitions in the super heavyweight category
• Long-term successful trainer of the Karate Jeet Kune Do club Brodograditelj Split
1998-1998 Coach of the Croatian national team in Thai boxing
1998-2015 Selection of the Croatian kickboxing team
• Long-term selector of the Croatian kickboxing national team at many competitions,
winning numerous international medals from the European and World Championships in kickboxing
• Winning medals at numerous international kickboxing competitions
1993-2023 Founder and head coach of the Dalmacija Dugi Rat Kickboxing club
• Successful trainer of several national, European and world champions in kickboxing
• Winning numerous medals at international kickboxing competitions
• Winning numerous medals at national and other various kickboxing competitions
• Father of three champion sons (Hrvoje, Tomislav and Zvonimir – all three world champions)
2012-2023 Founder and head coach of the Thai boxing club Dalmacija Dugi Rat
• Trainer of several national champions in Thai boxing
• Winning medals at international competitions in Thailand as a boxer and then Croatian boxer in 2020, European bronze medalist in 2017. and a participant at two world and European championships and at the European and Mediterranean Games.