Hrvatski savez tajlandskog boksa


Martial Arts Team of the Year

From May 26 to June 4, 2022, the Croatian national team in Thai boxing participated in the World Championship for junior seniors (U23) and seniors in men's and women's competition, which was held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

120 countries from all five continents and 504 registered competitors took part in the mentioned competition.

The leadership of the alliance is composed of: Mario Franić. president, Siniša Andrijašević, president of the expert-coaching commission, Dario Jurišić, director of the national team led the following competitors to historic success at the world championships in the senior category:

1. Helena Jurišić, senior -75kg (1st place)

2. Lucija Bilobrk, senior +75kg (1st place)

3. Ivan Bertić, junior senior -91kg (1st place)

4. Vito Košar, junior senior -86kg (2nd place)

5. Toni Ćatipović, senior -91kg (3rd place)

6. Petar Drežnjak, senior +91kg (3rd place)

7. Vito Stojčić, junior senior -75 (3rd place)

8. Anđela Pandža, junior senior -57kg (5th place)

9. Ljubo Alexandar Dragović, junior senior -81kg (9th place)