Ivan Mikulić (Croatia)

Ivan MikulicFighter of the Year

Ivan Mikulić is one of the best Croatian, European and world parataekwondo fighters. He is currently a member of the Taekwondo Club Galeb Split.

In addition to a number of awards and trophies, in 2014. from the President of the Republic of Croatia he received a special recognition - the Order of the Croatian Danica with the figure of Franjo Bučar


2011 European Championship (Russia, Moscow) -Gold
2012 World Cup (Aruba) -bronze
2014 World Cup (Russia, Moscow) -silver
2014 European Championship (Turkey, Antalya) - Gold
2015 World Cup (Turkey, Samsun) - Gold
2016 European Championship (Poland, Warsaw) - Gold
2017 World Cup (England, London) - Silver
2018 European Championship (Bulgaria, Sofia) - silver
2019 European Championship (Italy, Bari) - bronze.