Dennis Hanover (Israel)

dr Dennis Hanover- Golden Life Achivement Award

Dr. Dennis Hanover is a 9th Degree Black Belt and the founder of the system.

Born in South African-born he immigrated to Israel in 1960 where he was one of the first to introduce the martial arts in the early '60s.

After achieving top belt and recognition in several martial arts (mainly Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Kyukoshinkai Karate under Mas Oyama), he decided to develop Hisardut as a more applicable answer to the threats and challenges facing people in modern society.

In the early 80's he began teaching the Israeli Special Forces units who were looking for a more advanced close combat method than the basic Krav Maga program taught to regular IDF troops. In 1987, he was commissioned by the army to develop the new counter-terrorist program called LOTAR (Acronym for Lochama B'Terror) that has been in use since.

The system DSJJ is recognized by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, the the Israeli Defense Force, Israeli Minister of Police, and the Israeli Minister of Education, as well as the Wingate National Sport Institute of Israel and police instructors alround the world.