Petar Olujić (Croatia)

Petar Olujic- Golden Life Achievement Award (in memoriam)

In honor of Petar Olujić Storm (passed away in 2016), the founder of BJJ Alliance Black Dragon and one of the pioneers of the Split and Croatian BJJ scene, an honorary award was posthumously awarded to his wife Dragana.

As a man and as a coach he has left an indelible mark on all jiujitsu fans, winning the first BJJ medals for Split and Croatia in Europe, and above all, he has brought up a number of great people and athletes who especially cherish his memory through the Split BJJ Alliance Black Dragon Club, one of the the best and most trophy BJJ and grappling clubs in Croatia and beyond.

In honor of his sporting and human charisma, we proudly carry him in our memory. Rest in peace, captain Storm!