Cro Ryu Jujitsu (Croatia)

Cro Ryu Jujitsu- Martial Arts Team of the Year

Cro Ryu jujitsu is an original Croatian style of self-defense based on the best techniques from judo and Japanese jujitsu, founded by sensei Zvonko Tubić Tuba and sensei Josip Anic who are both head coaches and instructors.

They made their brilliant and striking impression wherever they performed, with the results of Cro Ryu jujitsu fighters in the last few years especially (World Cup in Israel, medal winners at WMAG 2017 and WMAG 2018). They are also members of the military and police structures and are well trained, making the Cro Ryu Jujitsu Team a highly regarded and one of the best demo teams in this part of Europe.