Ali Naserallah (Egypt)

Ali Haserallah- Dedication to the Martial Arts

Egyptian martial arts instructor and master Ali Naserallah is the founder of the martial arts style of Kick Punch Fu and also president of the Kuwait-based World Kick Punch Fu Federation, president of the Genshinkan Federation for the Middle East.

He participates in a number of international martial arts seminars and camps around the world (Italy, Cyprus, USA, Kuwait, Egypt, etc.).

He holds a number of martial arts awards and trophies.

Ana Znaor Milohnić (Croatia)

Ana Znaor Milohnic- Fighter of the Year (female)

Mrs. Ana Znaor Milohnić (born 12.02.1990) with residence on Island Krk, Malinska, is Croatian Kickboxing Athlete, she was 6 x WAKO World Champion, 5 x WAKO European Champion and 28 x WAKO World Cup Winner in disciplines: pointfighting, light contact.

Awards: The best athlete of the decade of the Island Krk (awarded in 2007.), Novi List "Jobo Kurtini - junior" award for the best athlete in 2006. and 2007., The best athlete in city of Rijeka for 2013., The best athlete in PGŽ for 2013. and 6 x Winner of Croatian Government Award for the Top level sport achievements.


Cro Ryu Jujitsu (Croatia)

Cro Ryu Jujitsu- Martial Arts Team of the Year

Cro Ryu jujitsu is an original Croatian style of self-defense based on the best techniques from judo and Japanese jujitsu, founded by sensei Zvonko Tubić Tuba and sensei Josip Anic who are both head coaches and instructors.

They made their brilliant and striking impression wherever they performed, with the results of Cro Ryu jujitsu fighters in the last few years especially (World Cup in Israel, medal winners at WMAG 2017 and WMAG 2018). They are also members of the military and police structures and are well trained, making the Cro Ryu Jujitsu Team a highly regarded and one of the best demo teams in this part of Europe.


Antonio Plazibat (Croatia)

Antonio Plazibat- Pro Fighter of the Year

Antonio Plazibat is a Croatian Cruiserweight kickboxer fighting out of Split, Croatia, winner of K-1 World GP 2017 Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

He also fought in SUPERKOMBAT and Croatian promotion FFC.



2018 WAKO Pro World Low Kick Champion +94.2 kg
2017 K-1 Heavyweight Champion -100 kg.
2017 K-1 World GP 2017 Heavyweight Championship Tournament -100 kg.
2014 FFC Futures Kickboxing Light Heavyweight Tournament -91 kg


2018 W.A.K.O. European Championships Gold +91 kg (K-1 Rules)
2016 Croatian Kickboxing Championships Gold -91 kg. (K-1 rules)
2015 W.A.K.O. World Championships Silver -91 kg (Low-Kick Rules)
2015 Croatian Kickboxing Championships Gold -91 kg. (Low-kick rules)
2014 Croatian Kickboxing Championships Bronze -91 kg. (Low-kick rules)
2013 Croatia Open Zagreb 2013 Gold -91 kg. (Low-kick rules)

Dennis Hanover (Israel)

dr Dennis Hanover- Golden Life Achivement Award

Dr. Dennis Hanover is a 9th Degree Black Belt and the founder of the system.

Born in South African-born he immigrated to Israel in 1960 where he was one of the first to introduce the martial arts in the early '60s.

After achieving top belt and recognition in several martial arts (mainly Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Kyukoshinkai Karate under Mas Oyama), he decided to develop Hisardut as a more applicable answer to the threats and challenges facing people in modern society.

In the early 80's he began teaching the Israeli Special Forces units who were looking for a more advanced close combat method than the basic Krav Maga program taught to regular IDF troops. In 1987, he was commissioned by the army to develop the new counter-terrorist program called LOTAR (Acronym for Lochama B'Terror) that has been in use since.

The system DSJJ is recognized by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, the the Israeli Defense Force, Israeli Minister of Police, and the Israeli Minister of Education, as well as the Wingate National Sport Institute of Israel and police instructors alround the world.