Josip Anić (Hrvatska/Croatia)

Josip AnicGrand Master - Weapon Master of the Year

After Homeland war in Croatia, Josip Anic (1967.) proceed practice martial arts as a founder of Jujitsu club Omega (1999.) and also as co-founder and vicepresident of Cro Ryu Jujitsu with his couch and friend Zvonko Tubić who became president.

As a 7th DAN of jujitsu, he became a special police and weapon instructor in Zagreb Police Department (1996.). During his martial arts career, he became a European jujitsu champion in Israel (1999., 2000. and 2002.) and also a license instructor Mika Almog Security and Shooting center Bodyguard (Israel, 2000.) and license of Basic and Advanced Defensiv Tactics Instructor Course of US Department of Justice (2003.).

Today he is a team ledaer of one of the best martial arts demo teams and winner of a many martial arts tournaments.