Stjepan Čelan (Hrvatska/Croatia)

Stjepan CelanMartial Arts Federation of the Year

Croatian Karate federation

Mr. Stjepan Čelan (born 1951.) begin trainer karate during 1971 in Zagreb. Durin his career as athlet he became a national croatian champion a several times. As a trainer he won a medals on European and World championships. Under croatian daily newspaper "Sportske novosti", Croatian karate team was elected for the best women national team (2013, 2015) and the same award came from Croatian Olympic Comitee (2013., 2016.).

For the president of Croatian karate federation he is elected 1995., for the General Secretary of Croatian Karate federation he is elected 2013., before that he was vicepresident of European karate federation (2009.-2013.), and today he is vicepresident of Balkan karate federation and member of EO of World karate federation.