Goran Borović (Hrvatska/Croatia)

Goran BorovicDedication to the Martial Arts

Goran Borovic is born in Varazdin (1977.) and he is one of the best croatian kickboxers ever. He became a two time savate world champion (1999., 2001.) and he was also a K-1 World champion, European and Mediteranian champion.

Today he very succesful trainer in his own town/club Varazdin and in Zagreb with one of the best croatian and europeans trainers - Leon Beneta and Hrvoje Balen (boxing).


1996 Savate Junior european champion
1998 Savate european vice champion
1999 Savate mediteranien champion
1999 Savate world champion
2000 Savate european vice champion
2001 Savate world champion
2004 Savate vice eropien champion
2005 Pro world kickboxing champion
2006 Pro world k1 style champion
2007 OPBU European Thai boxing champion
2008 OPBU Euro-African Thai boxing champion
2008 Savate european champion
2011 Savate world vice-champion
2012 Svate european champion
2013 World combat games silver medal savate