Eroll Field (Engleska/England)

Errol FieldGolden Life Achievement Award

- in memoriam

Eroll Field from England was on of the best masters of judo and jujitsu. As the master (judo 4 DAN and jujitsu 8 DAN), he was a founder of his Coulsdon Martial Arts Dojo in England and one of the best promoter of Yoshin Ryu style.

He died 2017., after his son Chris Field continue promote the dojo and style in the same way as sensei Eroll did.

Goran Borović (Hrvatska/Croatia)

Goran BorovicDedication to the Martial Arts

Goran Borovic is born in Varazdin (1977.) and he is one of the best croatian kickboxers ever. He became a two time savate world champion (1999., 2001.) and he was also a K-1 World champion, European and Mediteranian champion.

Today he very succesful trainer in his own town/club Varazdin and in Zagreb with one of the best croatian and europeans trainers - Leon Beneta and Hrvoje Balen (boxing).


1996 Savate Junior european champion
1998 Savate european vice champion
1999 Savate mediteranien champion
1999 Savate world champion
2000 Savate european vice champion
2001 Savate world champion
2004 Savate vice eropien champion
2005 Pro world kickboxing champion
2006 Pro world k1 style champion
2007 OPBU European Thai boxing champion
2008 OPBU Euro-African Thai boxing champion
2008 Savate european champion
2011 Savate world vice-champion
2012 Svate european champion
2013 World combat games silver medal savate

Mirsad Nokto (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

Mirsad NoktoGrand Master of the Year

Mr. Mirsad Nokto (3 Duan) was born 1968 in Tuzla (Bosnia-Herzegovina).He is a trainer of kung fu club "Panther" and head couch of BH national wushu team.

During his young age he was a member of military special forces also training box, karate and wrestling.

He is one of the best athletes in BH, with a many national trophies in wushu (13 times national champion), the winner of many international tournaments with his own team, the best result they made during 2017 as team European champion in wushu.

Beside the sports succed, he is the owner of a many international awards (Barcelona, Lisabon) and the owner of Guinees world record.

Josip Anić (Hrvatska/Croatia)

Josip AnicGrand Master - Weapon Master of the Year

After Homeland war in Croatia, Josip Anic (1967.) proceed practice martial arts as a founder of Jujitsu club Omega (1999.) and also as co-founder and vicepresident of Cro Ryu Jujitsu with his couch and friend Zvonko Tubić who became president.

As a 7th DAN of jujitsu, he became a special police and weapon instructor in Zagreb Police Department (1996.). During his martial arts career, he became a European jujitsu champion in Israel (1999., 2000. and 2002.) and also a license instructor Mika Almog Security and Shooting center Bodyguard (Israel, 2000.) and license of Basic and Advanced Defensiv Tactics Instructor Course of US Department of Justice (2003.).

Today he is a team ledaer of one of the best martial arts demo teams and winner of a many martial arts tournaments.

Peter Aerts (Nederland)

Peter AertsMartial Arts Legend

Peter Aerts (born October 25, 1970) is a Dutch semi-retired Super heavyweight kickboxer. Known for his devastating high kicks, which earned him the nickname "The Dutch Lumberjack", he is widely considered to be one of the greatest heavyweight kickboxers of all time.

Born in Eindhoven, Netherlands, Aerts began training in Muay Thai at the age of fourteen. He won his first world title when he was nineteen years old in 1990, taking the International Kick Boxing Federation's Heavyweight Championship. He would also add the Dutch heavyweight title and the World Muay Thai Association's heavyweight title to his mantelpiece before going on to compete in Japan. He competed in every K-1 World Grand Prix except one, (2009).

A three-time K-1 World Grand Prix Champion, he debuted at the inaugural K-1 World GP in 1993 where he was eliminated by fellow K-1 legend Ernesto Hoost. He won his first Grand Prix in 1994 by knocking out Rob van Esdonk and Patrick Smith in the quarter-finals and semi-finals, respectively, before taking a unanimous decision over Masaaki Satake in the finals. However, he was stopped on more than one occasion by Mike Bernardo, being memorably knocked out of the 1996 K-1 World GP at the quarter-finals, as part of his series of wins over Aerts. Aerts' career was put on hold in 2001 when he suffered a devastating knockout blow at the hands of Seán Ryan in the final of the WOMAA world championships, which left him debating whether to ever return to martial arts again.

Aerts also won the GP the following year when he beat Toshiyuki Atokawa, Ernesto Hoost and then stopped Jérôme Le Banner in the finals. He would not win the tournament again until 1998 when he stopped all three of his opponents in front of 63,800 spectators at the Tokyo Dome. In what is considered to be one of the best Grands Prix ever, and the pinnacle of Aerts' career, he stopped Masaaki Satake with a knee strike in the quarters, forced the referee to stop his semi-final match with long-time rival Mike Bernardo and knocked out Andy Hug with one of his famous high kicks in the final. He won this tournament in six minutes and forty-three seconds, which was the quickest K-1 GP win ever at the time. This record stood until 2009 when it was beaten by rival Semmy Schilt.

Although 1998 was his last Grand Prix win, Aerts continued to compete and reached the final a further three times (in 2006, 2007 and 2010).


International Kick Boxing Federation
IKBF World Heavyweight Championship (1990)
IKBF World Heavyweight Championship (1992)
1994 K-1 World Grand Prix Champion
1995 K-1 World Grand Prix Champion
1997 K-1 World Grand Prix 3rd place
1998 K-1 World Grand Prix Champion
2001 K-1 World Grand Prix in Las Vegas runner up
2003 K-1 World Grand Prix 3rd place
2006 K-1 World Grand Prix runner up
2007 K-1 World Grand Prix runner up
2010 K-1 World Grand Prix runner up
Night of the Stars
1994 The Night of the Stars tournament champion
World Muay Thai Association
WMTA World Heavyweight Muay Thai Championship (1991)
WMTA World Heavyweight Muay Thai Championship (1992)
WMTA World Heavyweight Muay Thai Championship (1993)
WMTA World Heavyweight Muay Thai Championship (1994)
WMTA World Super Heavyweight Muay Thai Championship (1995)
WMTA World Super Heavyweight Muay Thai Championship (1997)