Rasul Mammadov (Azerbeijan)

Rasul MammadovOutstanding contributions in the martial Arts

Master Rasul Mammadov (Combat jujitsu 5. DAN) from Azerbaijan is the leader of MMA and jujitsu martial arts scene in Azerbaijan and area, first like a very good competitor and then like a couch and supporter of all national activities in this way.

He is a president of Euroasia Combat jujitsu federation based in Baku.  In the past, he practice jujitsu, MMA, sambo, judo, wrestling, self defense and grappling.

During his martial arts carrier he also supported and create one of the best national MMA teams in Europe. At the same time, he is head couch of Azerbaijan SWAT teams and also master of police  jujitsu (3. DAN) with a lot of activities all round the Azerbaijan and Russia