Zilhad Mahmuljin (Croatia)

Zilhad MahmuljinGolden Life Achievement Award

Master Zilhad Mahmuljin from Zagreb, Croatia is a former national team leader/couch of Croatian nanbudo team and today he is a national couch of Croatian Wushu team.

When he was 16 years old, he became practice judo, karate and nanbudo but also another martial arts skills.

After a very good carrier in nanbudo with a many national and international results (european and world champion), he accept a new martial arts challenge with chinese wushu skill, became a Croatian national team couch. But still he is dedicate to teaching nanbudo his students and also he became a great friend with the founder of nanbudo - Yoshinao Nanbu from Japan.

He is more the 40 years in martial arts and he is also a owner of many national and international awards and recognitions.