Zvonko Tubić (Croatia)

Zvonko Tubic TubaGrand Master of the Year

Zvonko Tubic is a senior trainer of self-defense, a retired employee of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Croatia, a war volunteer.

He worked as an instructor of martial arts training and bodyguards in the anti-terrorist unit "Luck", as an instructor for general physical preparation and policemen in PUZ-in, an instructor at the police intervention, and as an employee of the Department of Insurance Zagreb Police Department on matters of security.

Multiple winner's medal ,Ju Jitsu black belt holder 8.Day from Cro-Ryu Ju-Jitsu, Karate third day and second day in judo.

He trained boxing and Filipino art of fighting with wooden sticks, underwent training for bodyguards in Israel, he became an instructor for Taser use in Croatia.

The founder of Gladius Fidei and Ju-Jitsu Club Tuba.