Regards from Russia, Yakutsk

In my personal name and in the name of Genshinkan Dojo, one more time thank you and bravo for martial arts activities! The Atrium Hall of Fame Award received in Split, Croatia is now one of my most important prized martial arts keepsakes and I am very grateful to my friend Hrvoje Znaor, who is also CEO of  Genshinkan Dojo. It represents my acceptance into a huge group of great martial artists and I am very happy to be the part of this great martial arts event and with these great masters from all round the world.

Dear Croatian friends, thank you all for your consideration and development in the martial arts and the honor to receive this great award. Specially thanks to the promoter Mr.Znaor for a great time in Split like usually we have each year!

Tselestin Tsykhtsinski
Genshinkan Dojo International
Yakutsk, Russia