My experiences around the International Hall of Fame 2014:

First of all I was very honored to be the main guest at this event. People always think everything is normal for me, so when I get invited for an event like this they may think it is not special. But to me it is. It is always nice to stand in the limelight and spread your thoughts to other people.

A big up to Hrvoje Znaor, who made this all possible. It must have been a hell of a job to get this all arranged, with so many people from outside Croatia. But everything went smooth, at least for the guests. The organization must have give enough difficulties. Very wel done!

The nice thing about this event was that there were many different martial artists. Some I knew, most of them I did not know. But they all have made their way in martial art, they all have made effort to make martial arts better accepted. The respect there is amongst martial artists is hard to be found in other sports in my opinion. That is what makes martial arts very special.

I really enjoyed being part of the International Hall of Fame 2014.

With lots of respect,
Ernesto Hoost