First of all I was very honored to be the main guest at this event and thank you Hrvoje so much. You doing a great things for martial arts, for budo, for Angels, for all of us. 

So, a big support to Hrvoje Znaor, who made this all possible. The nice thing about this event was that there were many different martial artists, that we all respect each other on the same way, train together i respect and also that we all helping for kid of Angels, wich i am ambasador. But they all have made their way in martial art, they all have made effort to make martial arts better accepted. The respect there is amongst martial artists is hard to be found in other sports in my opinion. That is what makes martial arts very special.

I really enjoyed being part of the International Hall of Fame and i am looking forward to seeing you again soon. I love Split, i feel here like at home.

With lots of respect,
Alistair Overeem