International Hall of Fame of Martial Arts 2021

Alistair Overeem, one of the bigest fighters in the world of all time, former MMA champion in Strikeforce, DREAM and K-1, one of the most brutal belt challengers in the UFC, a fighter who won 3 different belts at the same time, champion in ADCC, the current returnee to the prestigious K-1 promotion Glory was 2021 IHoF special guest and honorary host of the eighth edition of the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame (IHoF).

Apart from Overeem, the legend of martial arts, only 12 awards have been determined for year 2021, and the interest and number of nominations has never been higher.

There were nominees of well-known and already former UFC and K-1 champions, wrestling, karate, jujitsu and judo, fighters, coaches, instructors, so the organizer had sweet worries about choosing this year’s officers.
For the year 2021, the selected budokas and martial artists, as before, were selected according to the criteria of Olympic / world / continental medal winners and belt winners, then masters of various martial arts whose activities and influence improved, promoted and developed martial arts and public figures (actors, journalists / media, entrepreneurs, politicians) who also promoted, helped and developed martial arts.
Among the main star Alistair Overeem are the famous master and instructor of the Israeli army and many military units around the world Avi Nardia (for the work and development of Israeli jujitsu/kapap around the world and helping poor children in Kenya), Ante Bonačić (very successful Split coach and personal coach of Alistair Overeem), Borislav Horvat (combat jujitsu coach responsible for its development in Slovenian universities), Željan Rakela (Split kickboxing coach who created several national champions and coaches, humanist, travel writer and passionate motorcycle adventurer), Ivan Mikulić (Split para-taekwondo fighter, winner of European and world titles in para-taekwondo, also  para-Olympic medalist, Ciril Klajnscek from Slovenia, sociologist and coach, winner of many European and world medals in karate for Slovenia, former president of the Slovenian Karate Federation and former member of the National and International Olympic Committee), Krasmidar Gadžić (Austrian-Croatian trainer and instructor, responsible for promoting combat jitsu throughout Austria and beyond, krav maga instructor, security and personal protection expert).

In addition to the above, group or special awards will be given to media portal Dalmacija Danas for monitoring and promoting martial arts and a special award and recognition will be given to the Split association Angels for whose purpose the whole project was called Night of Angels.
Extremely popular but also very prestigious martial arts event since 2012.

Until today, organized by the Split Jujitsu Club Hurricane and promoter Hrvoje Znaor, former Jujitsu champion (Genshinkan federation), he has attracted to Split every year a number of famous legends, current and former champions, martial arts masters from around the world and public figures such as Hollywood actors who became part of this great stories and promotions of Split and Croatia.

On these occasions, world-famous martial arts greats and legends such as Ernest Hoost, Ray Sef, Peter Aerts, Semmy Schilt, Avi Nardia, Bill Wallace, as well as current champions from the strongest Asian martial arts promotion, visited Split in recent years, among other masters and meritorious people - One Championship by Angela and Christina Lee, and among the actors it is worth mentioning Bill Wallace, Don Dragon Wilson, Jason Statham, and many others.

The highlight of this whole project is promote martial arts and to help the Split Association of Angels, which cares for children with the most severe developmental disabilities, where all guests and laureates have the opportunity to donate to the association for their needs, point out the problems faced by Angels and find ways how to make it easier for them in everyday life.

Alistair Overeem's visit to the Angels Association had a great echo and gesture, both among the protégés and the media. to help the most needy, inviting all who can respond and lend a helping hand to the Angels.
Great reputation and organization from recent years, martial arts greats from around the world, top music performers in true Mediterranean colors and locations, great interest of the public and media are a guarantee that this year the city of Split will have a great sports and social event that has become a real brand Split and Dalmatia.